Whales and Dolphins Full Screen Saver

Whales and Dolphins Full Screen Saver 1.0

Whales and Dolphins Screensaver will bring awesome creatures to your screen

Some of the most incredible inhabitants of the underwater world are dolphins and whales.
They both have a common characteristic. They are not fish, but mammals.
Have you ever had the opportunity to watch these animals together in their natural habitat?

Whales and Dolphins Screensaver will bring these two awesome creatures to your screen.

This beautiful screensaver will take you on a journey to the ocean depths to visit two of the most unique inhabitants of the sea.
You will be swimming in the clear blue waters, delighting at the view of colorful coral heads and sponges, typical of this place.

The underwater world is not silent at all. There are a lot of different noises that are transmitted through this element in all directions, making it difficult to know exactly where they are coming from.
You will seethe typical terrain of this world. Beautiful coral heads, colorful sponges and soft coral swaying with the current.

Suddenly you listen to a strange noise. Not frightening at all, but weird and mysterious.
Have you ever heard about the “songs of the whales”?
You will hear noises emitted by these giants of the depth. What are they saying? Is it a language? Are they just noises? Scientists say that it has been proved that whales and dolphins communicate with their peers using these strange sounds.
And, in that moment, you see the familiar shape of the dolphins swimming gracefully around you. And immediately after, the shape of the famous and often misunderstood killer whale appears.

Even if they are considered “killers”, you can sense the beauty of these animals as they swim near you, as if watching who you are.
You will be able to see different kinds of whales. Killer whales, humpback whales, and more.
The scene is very relaxing, inviting you to forget about the daily troubles and routine, and just spend time watching these graceful creatures frolicking in their element.

Whales and Dolphins Screensaver will surely keep you watching for a long time.
You will even see the shape of a SCUBA diver trying to swim along, although his speed is not enough to keep the pace with them.
This screensaver will soon become one of your favorites. Your family and friends will probably be doing a lot of comments about it.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful and relaxing
  • The sounds are excellent


  • More corals and stuff would be great
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